Private Make-up Lesson in New York for Businesswomen, Housewives, You, Models and aspiring Make-up Artists. In home Service, teaching Day Make-up, Evening Make-up, Business Looks, Make-up and Hair for Castings, Events and Parties
   Women are so beautiful, but a lot of times feel  
    insecure in showing and carrying that beauty with
    I want you to feel beautiful in your skin and      
    show you, how you can increase your confidence
    with simple Make-up tricks to apply your own
    Make-up like a pro on a daily basis. 
struggling with....
wouldn't you feel more confident...
​​​​​​​​ ...not feeling like you look sloppy going into the office or meeting?
...feeling insecure about your looks?
...keep buying Make-up that don't match your skin tone or don't
  know  how to use?
...not knowing how to easily change your make-up for an Event or night out? 
...if you would know how to create different looks with  simple make-up
   tricks in no time?
...if you could transform your morning beauty routine  and save time?
...know how to shop for make-up the right way?
...simply feel and look beautiful every day?
Angela Kaeser is an international make-up and hair artist from Switzerland now based in New York, but travels around the world for assignments. As a former key account manager she knows how to treat a business as a business, but is not less passionate about the art of make up & hair. Her work is focused on education, fashion, advertising and beauty. With a calm, professional personality, great understanding   and being a great teamplayer, she is highly appreciated by clients, models, celebrities and co-workers alike... 
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